Solar Urban HUB
Lighting-up more sustainable
and connected cities
A point of light
A data network.

Solar Urban HUB is a sustainable urban lighting solution and an infrastructure display and distribution of Internet of Things.


Understanding the complexity of cities of today requires data entry & relay capacity in the most possible strategic points.

Solar Urban HUB allows for critical data-measurement sensors to be incorporated (pollution, noise, transit, etc.) to convert each lighting point in a data recompillation source and to create a reticular model of information of the city which allows municipalities to effectively make decisions.

  • Real Time Information
  • Visualization Panels and Long-Distance Monitoring
  • Remote Connection
  • Big Data Multiplatform Integration (Lora WAN, Wi-Fi, SigFox, NB-Iot)
  • Telemetric and Telecontrol of the System
  • Sensor2Cloud
  • Bluetooth app for on-site monitoring
  • ALERT-BOT by means of Telegram for immediate responses
  • Lighting Visual Alerts prior to weather changes and abnormalities


Innovative Service Models to
optimize the management of Smart Cities

Optimizing the energy management and control of LIGHT originating from a 100% renewable source.

Promoting the 4.0 economy by means of the necessary DATA capture for the creation of local services based APPs.

Evolutionizing towards new economic models of more ecosystemic urban management.

  • Connected, Safer and More Efficient Cities:

  • More Accessible Information

  • Less Vandalism

  • Cost Optimization

  • Autonomous Energy and Data Display:

  • Faster Implementation and less installation-related costs

  • Lightweight & disseminated Infrastructure designed for all terrain

  • Safe Space, orderly and user-ready for IOT devices

  • Remote Management and Data Communication in Real-time:

  • Precise and Complete Information

  • Key City Indicators

  • Agility in Decision Making

  • Up-to-date Data Analysis to help define future patterns of behavior

  • Efficient Attention to Emergencies and Alarm Emission Sensors

efficient management


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We build harmonious, healthier and more sustainable cities

The deployment of solar energy is a crucial means to decentralize and diversify renewable energy sources in order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals as defined by the U.N.

Solar Urban Hub is a Zero Emissions CO2 Solution, manufactured in accordance to circular economy criteria.

The Solar Urban HUB contributes to the beauty and harmony of the cities thanks to the curved organic design, which is the only solar panel of its kind. (Unique patented design).

The recollected data for the creation of services and local APPs help to improve the quality of noise and environmental conditions of cities, promoting the creation of healthier itineraries as well as the implementation of solutions to actual problems thanks to the analysis of information in real-time .

Unique and patented design


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We want to design cities committed
towards a better future

We are looking for municipalities, governments, private enterprises and institutions committed to change, who want to co-design strategies for the sustainability and improvement of cities.

In this year, 2020, we will install pilot network of interconnected lighting fixtures to explore new models of urban and territorial management, generating a positive impact for all of the related stakeholders within the Ecosystem.

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